Hybrid Events: Using the Right Technology to Get Your Message Across

As much as managing a hybrid event where multiple mediums are simultaneously relaying information is every communications teams’ biggest fear, it is an achievable feat provided the right kind of technology is employed.

The conventional in-person or “brick and mortar” meetings are still essential for communication within organizations. However, a pertinent issue when it comes to conferencing is how to get everyone involved, regardless of distance or location.

Despite the array of collaboration technology available, it takes more than …

3 Ways Interactive Board Transforms The Meetings

In the modern world, working hard is not enough to ensure success. Today’s success mantra is productivity, that is, achieve more in less time. Therefore, the limited time can’t be wasted on unproductive things anymore. Meetings are often time-consuming with varying degree of results. So improving productivity during meetings can be a big win. The interactive board is a technology that is helping in doing so. Here are three ways it is transforming the meetings.

1. No Need For

How the Digital Whiteboard Is Changing Business Environments Across the World

As technology keeps advancing, the change in business environment and operations are inevitable. Among the management section, the biggest changes have come from better utilization of the data analytics and display.

In fact, the introduction of digital whiteboard has led to a complete U-turn how boardroom members offer presentations and communicate with each other in general. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages this technology has brought to businesses worldwide.

How corporates benefit from …

Interactive Display Is The Perfect Tool Needed To Make Sales During Christmas

Anyone who runs a business knows how important it is to have engaging audio or visual displays for their business, especially around the Christmas. During this time, most shops tend to compete on the one that will put on a better show. The most impressive businesses (in terms of how they package themselves) are likely to attract more customers. For this reason, it is important to look for ways to lead the pack. One of the best ways to …

Making Corporate Training Interesting and More Interactive

The level of service delivery a company gives to its client base is a direct reflection of the quality of training a corporate firm gives its employees. It is, therefore, important that only effective employee training strategies should be employed if a company needs to boost the competence of its workforce. One of the tools that can be used to achieve this purpose is the interactive board as it offers convenience, easy collaboration, and support in room content delivery.…

The Advent Of IR Interactive Whiteboard

Today we are so accustomed to the touch technology that we can no longer imagine our lives without computers and smartphones. The invention of the touch technology created a breakthrough in developing smart devices.

In 1971, the first infrared touch screen was developed. Thereafter, with technological advancements, IR interactive whiteboard was created in 1983 by Hewlett Packard. Since then, this amazing device has revolutionized many sectors and industries due to its multiple applications.

Be it hospitals, military, schools, colleges …

5 Benefits Of Interactive Board At Workplaces

In today’s fast-paced world, time is money. Achieving more in limited time demands high productivity. Therefore, companies and organizations are adopting different ways to improve the output. Technology plays a huge role in this regard. Devices like interactive board have totally changed the way workplaces function. Here are five major benefits of using them.

1. Location Independent Meetings

Those times are gone when executives had to travel for hours and even days, to attend business meetings. It was not …

The Advent of Interactive Classroom Solutions in Education

Rapid development in the technology is affecting every aspect of daily life and the way systems work. The education sector is no exception to this. The technology has helped to solve the problems of the traditional classrooms by offering interactive classroom solutions. As a result, the quality of the education and the performance of the students have improved a lot.

The two major challenges of the education are, expressing the material in the way that the students can …

How Interactive Technology Is Revolutionizing the Business World

Technological advancements have made significant changes to the world of business. By using technology, businesses are now able to communicate faster and more effectively, perform various tasks more easily, and increase the ease at which information is shared. This has allowed them to increase productivity, lower the operating costs and deliver services that are of better quality.

One major technological advancement that has affected the way businesses operate is the interactive technology. Businesses all over the world are using …

Five Benefits of Using an Electronic Whiteboard in Business

In this era of the computer technology, there is no better time than now to be creative with the way we share information. Whether in a classroom or a boardroom, our ability to use the latest technology to connect with our audience is of paramount importance. Even though they have been around since the 1990s, the electronic whiteboards are among the best business presentation tools used today.

These modern day boards are an evolution of the traditional whiteboards which …